Made in NY

We strive to build a community of farm to table beers and alcohols because we breathe the NY air, we live the NY history, and we should drink the NY brews and spirits.

A NY State Product

We help local farmers produce sustainable, top quality, malting barley, and are helping local brewers and distillers make a truly field to glass 100% NYS product.

A Global Specialty Product

We make a product that embodies the agriculture of NY. New York has its own unique flavor and brewing traditions. Our goal is for foreign and domestic brewers/distillers outside of NY to seek us out looking for a NY style product and beverage.


WNY's Premier Craft Malting Company

Queen City Malting is a premier Craft Malting operation located in the city of Rochester. We are helping take NY back to it's beer roots. Focusing on making quality hometown malt for all the brewers and distillers that want a product truly made in NY! We know the best beers come from the best grains and we constantly strive to work with farmers and build relationships with local grain growers to increase access to locally grown barley and rye. We are here to help the tireless craft, home, and mirco brewers supply the greatest drinking state in the country!

Helping local farmers produce sustainable,
top quality, malting barley.


Specialty / Rye / Corn

We make primarily base malt for beer and distilling but in the coming year we will be making specialty, rye, and corn malts. We can take custom orders and can malt any cereal grain for brewing and distilling. Please contact us at 716-481-1313 for more information.


The Malting Process

Malt is a toasted grain that is used primarily in brewing and distilling.

How do you create Malt?

The first step is steeping. The grains are thirsty and in need of H2O so they bathe in an oxygen water solution. 

After soaking them, we let them sprout and grow just enough to convert the starches into simple sugars. 

Now we toast, stopping the sprouting and finishing the product!

We strive to build a community of farm to table beers and alcohols made only in New York


Bob Patterson-Owner

Adam Patterson-Head of Marketing/Sales

Chris Wolfe-Head Maltster


Contact Us:

460 Buffalo Rd #40,

Rochester, NY 14611

Phone: 716.481.1313

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